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a little story about us


In 2014, after applying for many different grants and being denied, Julie Fortin dove right in, taking a shot in the dark, to make her dream of opening her business Alternative Health Solutins, happen.

She has been in the natural health/medicine world since around the age of 18, and took her studies from the Alternative Medicine College of Canada in Montreal. She stopped her studies at the Natural Health Practitioner level ; not going back for the internship levels to obtain her doctorate, simply due to financial choices and personal choices.

Julie decided to go into alterative health after seeing it serve herself and many people she knew out of sickness, more than conventional medicines ever did. Plus, it teaches people to understand how their body works, which in turn helps them get better.

Julie at first wanted to open a consulting business only, but quickly realized that Kapuskasing needed a good source of quality natural health products. She feels that many people are not aware of the importance of quality products compared to mass market brands and the difference between types of supplements, how they are formed, interactions, dosages, label laws, food combinations, the time of day to take certain supplements and types of foods.

By supporting her business and going to her for natural health needs, her clients not only support an important local business but, for their own benefit, they get professional assistance and guidance.

The store has quality products that your body/system will benefit from and anyone can benefit from her products and assistance. She tries to help anyone who comes to her, who is willing to see what natural treatments/medicine is about. From babies to the elderly, anyone can benefit from natural health.

The store offers a variety of items including: natural beauty/body care products, food products such as tea, coffee, juice, protein powders, oils, spices and salts, nuts, grains and seeds, bars and snacks, anti-plastic/biodegradable household products, vitamins, minerals, herbs, , essential oils, Alive magazine, super foods and greens, detox and cleansing, probiotics, cold and flu remedies, and medicine for baby.

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